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            11th November, 2006






Phone No - 5428  2018


Email -



Welcome to our new Members – Jessica Maguire, Margaret McEwan and Helen Livingstone




Christmas Afternoon Tea (please bring a plate) after the meeting on Saturday 9th December…all welcome.


The Club will be closed from:

3 pm Wednesday 20th December until 9am    Wednesday 3rd January 2007


Next meeting is Saturday, 9th December 2006 at 1 pm


25th November - The Official Opening of the new building at the State Library, South Bank, Brisbane.




The end of the year is rapidly approaching again. It seems that each year gets shorter than the preceding year.


As a result of reduced numbers attending the club premises, you will receive a questionnaire, which is aimed at determining those hours that best suit the majority of members.  Would you all give some thought to the problem and return the questionnaire.


Wednesdays appear to be well attended. Mondays and Fridays have a small but regular attendance and may need revision whilst Saturdays will remain unchanged. The numbers attending the premises have improved marginally of late.  We have some new members who seem to be enjoying the atmosphere at the club as well as their research.


Thanks go to those members who have volunteered their time to learn the ropes with respect to the duty roster.  This is most welcome.


Is there something that your committee can do to make the club more attractive? If so let one of your committee know.  If you are shy, please make use of the suggestion box as all suggestions will be addressed and the results notified.  No names will be mentioned in any subsequent action so do not be afraid to mention your concerns.  If they are not mentioned then they cannot be addressed.


Happy researching,



Don’t forget the Help Wanted Section in the Hindsight…..Your name/details will not be printed in the magazine, your question will be allocated a number and a listing kept in the office, of who submitted which question.  Any replies will be via CFHRG email address or PO Box.  Your questions can be left at the office or can be emailed to me at or …thank you, Elaine (Our magazine now goes to the Nundah & District Hist. Society and Logan District Soc.)


Also next year (and it is not that far away), we would like to send a copy of Members Interests to the genealogy Clubs that we exchange journals with, when we send their Hindsight to them.  If each member could submit a maximum of 10 names, in the following (or similar) format, we will get this underway….thank you                               

NAME/SURNAME…..DATE/TIME PERIOD…..TOWN /DISTRICT…..COUNTY/STATE …..COUNTRY and any other relevant information that you may think is necessary.  (Your lists can be left at the office.)


We are in need of more members to volunteer for ‘duty’.  It is not hard – it is just a case of being there to assist new members and visitors.  Ideally we would like to have two duty persons per session.  At the moment, most days, we have just one person ‘on duty’.  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help out with library duty on a regular basis or on a ‘needs be’ basis.


Thank you to Joy Bailey for taking on the position of Publicity Officer.  She has been successful in getting notices for our Club put in the Community Notices Sections of the local papers.



(Fund raising is essential to provide new resources for your research – if you find a useful resource for sale that may be of interest to members of the Club, please advise office staff….we do try to purchase items from different parts of Australia and the World in general)


Christmas is getting closer!!!  

 Donations for the Christmas Raffle can now be left in the library.

…thank you for your support in this major fund raiser…



Christmas Hamper Raffle – tickets available - $1.00 each.

There will be lots of prizes…prizes will be drawn at the Christmas afternoon tea on 9th December 2006.


Guess how many lollies in the jar – 3 guesses for a $1.00.  Have a bit of fun…try and guess how many lollies there are…winner to be announced at the Christmas afternoon tea…good luck!


There are still a few numbers left in the SILVER CIRCLE…cost is $10 and the competition will be run over 10 weeks….ask at the office


The Hall Stand (made and donated by Jack Piper) was won by Coral Hapgood.  The collectable plates (donated by Carmen Aebersold) were won by Mavis Chiverton.

The Monthly Raffle – 1st prize (Ladies watch) was won by Kay Brady and 2nd prize (Firemen’s calendar) was won by Susan Castle.

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets in these raffles.



Coffee Mugs – these are $5 each and come in three colours – blue, green and brown.


Recipe Book (Members Favourite Recipes) is available again in limited numbers if anyone wants a copy…..$5.00 each


Scribblers – NOW available in 3 sizes - 50c, 75c or $1.00 each


Laminating – This can be done at the office – Cost is $1 an A4 sheet.


GUEST SPEAKER – Jeff Elms 28th October 2006


Jeff gave a talk on how to use the family tree programme, Brothers Keeper, to its best advantage.  Quite a few club members use this programme and some of them came along to find out more about the programme.  There were lots of questions about just what you can do with Brothers Keeper.  Jeff had a few print outs of charts, etc that can be done with the programme.


HINDSIGHT – Stories for the Hindsight can be submitted at any time for publication in upcoming issues of the magazine.  The magazine is sent to approx. 45 other Genealogy Clubs throughout Australia.

Also don’t forget our birthday page in the Hindsight.  Thank you to everyone who has submitted their photos for the December Issue… for the March issue (for birthdays in March, April & May) can be submitted now.



Australian Family Tree Connections magazine – this is available from the office …Cost is $5.95 a copy (same as the newsagent)


You will have received or will receive in the next few days, a Special Newsletter.  In it you will find a survey form, re opening hours at the Club.  Please fill this form out and return to the office so that an informed decision can be made about the opening hours.  There is also a Pie Drive order form.  Beachmere Bakery is supplying the pies and Christmas goodies.  (They recently won medals in the Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition….They won - GOLD for their Plain Mince Pies; SILVER for their chunky steak pies; BRONZE for their chicken pies).  There are also raffle tickets for the Christmas Raffle included.




Books are still missing from the Library (stocktake has been completed).    Don’t forget when you borrow a book; there must be a card in the back of the book for you to fill out (name and date borrowed).  The card is to be left on the desk of the office or given to the person on duty.  IF there is NO card, the book is not to be borrowed and must not leave the premises.



23rd October 2006


As a representative of the Club I attended the official opening of the Archives Room.  Rhona Collinson and Dianna Mellino (both members of CFHRG) are to be congratulated on the wonderful job they have done.  The room was a dingy little store room when they ‘acquired’ it and now, to see all the School memorabilia and especially all the class photos and the trophies won over the years, being preserved for future generations, it is something for the school (and Rhona and Dianna) to be extremely proud of……Elaine

P.S...The afternoon tea was great too!


BOOK REVIEWS (by the Librarian)


School Days – a history in photographs 1850’s to the present day, England (donated by Carmen Aebersold).  An interesting look into the English past, as to how schools were run and the division between the classes.  Lots of photographs with plenty of information on various schools.  Located in the England Section, ref. Code REF ENG SCH.


Children in Queen’s Orphanage, Hobart Town 1828-1863, compiled by J. Purtscher (purchased with raffle money).  This book is great for those with Tasmanian connections.  It has the child’s name, age, parent’s names, when admitted, when discharged, and even the ships name that they came out on.  Found in the Tasmanian section ref. Code REF TAS QUE.  This book is NOT FOR LOAN.


NEW CDs – More cemetery CDs have arrived during the month.  These records pertain mainly to around the Bega area in NSW.  They are very easy to search and have photographs of each grave in the cemetery.



Cessnock Pioneer Register

Lochinvar – a history of the township and local district

Bellbird Mine Disaster

Gloucester Cemetery

Hawkesbury River District Cemeteries


Websites for you to try –

Australian travel guide to towns in Australia ….very good site

Having trouble with items written in a foreign language.  Try this text translator….Chinese, French, German, etc. Very handy
Great Britain 1890 - The ultimate guidebook for the Victorian Tourist.  Seventy-two tours of Great Britain from Scilly to Shetland described in meticulous detail for visitors at the end of the nineteenth century. There are coloured maps, street plans and fold out maps of the entire railway network

First Fleet answers

Norwegian Genealogy Terms: 


Don’t forget to check back often on the LDS website as they are continually adding new information


Brisbane City Council Cemetery website – searchable – and click on “CHECK CEMETERY RECORDS” in the ‘green shortcut box’.  


Don’t forget - entries for the GRD need to be submitted by 30th November 2006.