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                                                                        12th November 2005





Phone No - 5428  2018


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Welcome to our new Members – Linda Guthrie, Beverley Bennion & Brian Jones




26th November 200525th Anniversary Celebrations

(The club will close at 12 noon on 26th November 2005)


2nd December 2005– after 10 am collect Pie Drive Orders 


 Next Meeting is at 1 pm Saturday, 10th December 2005, which will be followed by a Christmas afternoon tea. 

(Please bring a plate of nibbles to share)

The Christmas Hamper raffles will also be drawn at this time.


Our Club will be closed for Christmas

from 3pm Wednesday 21st December 2005 until 9am Wednesday 28th December 2005.




David Jimmieson

Vice President

Elaine Elms


Janet O’Flaherty


Helen Eaton


Joanne Beeston

Assistant Librarians

Jane O’Brien, Chris Ryder & Glenys Gordon

Publications Editor (Hindsight & Newsletter)

Elaine Elms

Webpage Co-ordinator

Chris Ryder

Cemetery Records

Julie Saunders

Publicity Officer




The year is well and truly done.  It seems that I have been away most of the year although it has been only about eight weeks.  My most recent adventure was to Western Australia for the wedding of my son. It was a most enjoyable time and I managed to fit in a visit to the Western Australian Genealogical Society (WAGS).


While there, I managed to meet several of the committee members and was invited to check out the premises. Needless to say, with nineteen hundred odd members, the society is quite affluent. They occupy four of six units of what was a suburban shopping centre.  One unit contains local reference material only and their other reference material includes the GRO (St Cath’s) Index. The atmosphere was very friendly.


On the same day, I visited the WA State Library. On the first floor there is a section devoted to Genealogy that has some great reference material. On the ground floor is the Government Records Office so everything is in the one location.


A good afternoon was had by those who attended the very informative presentation by Peter Ludlow on Peel Island in Moreton Bay. I must again thank Elaine for deputizing for me while I showed some British tourists around our beautiful area.


Do not forget the Anniversary Dinner on the 26th for those attending. All members are invited to attend our final meeting for the year on the 10th December at which the Anniversary Hindsight will be launched and after which a Christmas breakup will be held.  All attending are requested to bring a platter of “nibbles”.

Happy researching,






David – Every Monday afternoon, every Friday morning, & 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Saturday morning

Janet – Every Monday morning & 2nd Saturday morning

Doug C. – Every Wednesday morning & 2nd Saturday morning

Elaine – Every Wednesday afternoon

Jane - 3rd & 4th Saturday morning

Pat V. – 2nd Wednesday morning

Coral – 2nd Wednesday afternoon

Trevor – 4th Wednesday afternoon

Gloria – 1st Saturday morning & 4th Monday morning

Glenys – Every Monday morning

Joanne – Every Friday morning & 3rd & 4th Saturday morning

Doug S. – 1st & 3rd Friday morning


We are in need of more members to volunteer for ‘duty’.  It is not hard - it is just a case of being there to assist new members and visitors.  Ideally we would like to have two duty persons per session.  At the moment, most days, we have just one person ‘on duty’.



(BBC2 English Programme)

If you want to watch episodes of this very interesting family history programme, please enquire at the office - there are 3 videos available at the moment for you to borrow - with a total of 8 episodes.





There are no more Monthly raffles until the New Year.  Next monthly raffle will be drawn at the March 2006 meeting - more news on this at a later date.

Thank you very much for your support of these raffles - so many new resources have been purchased with the proceeds.


There will be changes as to how resources are selected for purchase.  A list of 6 or so items will be provided, and when you purchase a raffle ticket, you can vote for the item you think would be best for the benefit of club members.


25th Anniversary Celebration Raffle


The 25th Anniversary Raffle will be drawn at the party, and there will be a lucky door prize, so keep your ‘ticket’ as this has your lucky number on. 




This raffle is our ‘BIG’ one for the year.  First prize will be a basket of goodies, and then, like usual, there will be LOTS AND LOTS of prizes.

If you would like to make a donation of goods, for the raffle, please leave items in the box which is on the table in the meeting room. All donations gratefully received. Thank you.




Our 25th Anniversary Hindsight is ready to be printed, collated, stapled, etc.  Any stories received now will be included in a regular Hindsight issue next year.

Some of our Club members have offered a donation towards the cost of producing this bumper issue of the Hindsight.  If you wish to do this, all donations would be greatly accepted.

Some members have also asked about buying extra copies of the 25th Anniversary Hindsight – yes – these will be available at a cost of $10 each.

The Executive, Committee, and members would like to express our gratitude to Elaine Elms (our brilliant Publications Editor) for the endless hours she has devoted to producing this memorable edition.




NOW AVAILABLE – for transcriptions NSW extend BDM Index – Births to 1905, Marriages to 1954, Deaths to 1974 – Extended index only on NSW BDM website – Joy Murrin Family History Services – or



BDM news – As from 3rd October 2005, Queensland State Archives will no longer stock the pre 1890 Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates.  All BDMs will be held by the Registrar General’s Office from that date.

The State Archives are open on the 2nd Saturday of each month now.


VOLUNTEERS WANTED – FOR PAINTING THE BATHROOM AND THE NEW OFFICE.  The ceiling in the new office will need to be scraped/sanded before painting.  Paint has been supplied.  If you can help please see the office staff.  Thank you CFHRG Inc.


(Some of the) New Additions to our library resources

(there are too many to list all of the new additions!!)


New Microfiche:

NSW Index to Assisted Immigrants arriving Port Phillip 1839-51

            “           “           “           “           “   Moreton Bay 1848-59

            “           “           “           “           “   Sydney & Newcastle 1844-59

            “           “           “           “           “   Sydney 1860-1879

            “           “           “           “           “   Sydney 1880-1896



Tracing your Family History – Aust. by N.Hall – donated by J. O’Brien

            “           “           “       National Guide to Sources – donated by J. O’Brien

Jack Howe – The Man & the Legend – donated by D. Jimmieson

And It was Not Easy by G. Stack – donated by D. Jimmieson

Naval Historical Review Vo.26 No.2 June 2005 – donated by J. Beeston

The Navy League Magazine Vol.67 No.2 April-June 2005 – donated by J. Beeston

Australian Family Histories – donated by R. Collinson in remembrance of Denise Patman (one of the original founding members of CFHRG Inc)

Memerambi Moments – donated by J. O’Brien

Brisbane – It’s Bridges

Destination Mundubbera – donated by J. O’Brien

Peel IslandParadise and Prison

Irish Rebels 1804 – Aust. rebels and the battle of Vinegar Hill – donated by J. Piper

Koch – the lives and times of Georg and Antonie Koch & descendants – donated by J. O’Brien

First Fleet – convicts to Brisbane; Second Fleet – passenger lists

Harold’s Diary – an Australian Digger’s records from WWI – donated by J. O’Brien


Mt.Perry Cemetery

Etheridge Shire Cemeteries

Courier Mail Obituaries – Oct. 2004-Dec 2004, April-June 2005-11-04

Pershore Abbey – War Memorial – various shires 1914-1918 – donated by D. Jimmieson


BOOK REVIEWS by Joanne Beeston (Librarian)


The Black Diamond Line of Colliers (Henry Simpson & Sons, Port Adelaide) by R. Parsons, donated by D. Simpson.  An interesting book about the company which played a major role operating the ships in the Collier trade between Newcastle, N.S.W. and the Port of Adelaide. There are photos, plus the history and also a list of the names of the ships that were in the fleet.  They did take on extra crew who wanted to get to Adelaide or return to Newcastle, and they had to work for their passage.  Found in the Shipping Section code: REF SHI BLA


Another fascinating book donated by D. Simpson, is called Batlow and District in pictures, compiled by P & J Cash on behalf of the Batlow Historical Society.  The photos alone are a valuable documented record of how things used to look.  It also has some information attached to the photos identifying pioneer families that live in the area.  Found in the NSW Section code: REF NSW BAT


THE PEEL ISLAND TALK by Peter Ludlow (Guest Speaker)

by Joanne (Librarian)

This was a very interesting afternoon, where Peter talked about Moreton Bay, especially Peel Island and its history.  He has written a book called ”Peel IslandParadise or Prison?” from which he made some quotes.  It brought to life how hard it was for those that lived and worked on this quarantine island, and how society treats and fears the unknown.

The book is about the people and their stories on life on and after Peel Island.  For those who might have someone buried on the island, it is unfortunate that the cemetery records have been lost in time, due to the stigma of being sent there.  Many were known by an alias.  As Peter stated, it was their prison but it was also an island paradise.

We purchased this book - it can be found in the Queensland section Code: REF QLD PEEL-1.  Don’t forget we have other books in the library on Moreton Bay and Peel Island, which Peter Ludlow has written.  They are all well worth reading.


Internet Addresses for you to try

If you discover an interesting genealogy website while you are surfing the net, please email the web address to me for inclusion in an upcoming newsletter - thank you, Elaine

The webpage addresses given below have not been checked to see if they are still available - I do not have the time to check them all.

N.S.W. BDMS….births to1905, Marriages to 1954 and Deaths to 1974 - fantastic! More ‘M & D’ years than available on microfiche.


BDMs for Western Australia (1841-1905) are also on line…

Click on Family History -then Western Australia Pioneer Index 1841-1905 - Then “Search the Index”  Then lastly select – Search for ‘Births, Deaths or Marriages’


Keep checking the LDS site

Over the next 6 years, they will be adding another 20 billion (yes billion) names to the searchable database.

Mariners and ships in Australian waters….searchable database, with the option to view a scan of the original documents….go to “Search” to search by persons name…or Browse by Year and Month, vessel by vessel, Passengers and Crew.

A bit of everything on this page….lots of links…may just have what you are looking for!


The index includes unassisted (or free) passengers who at their own expense came to Aust between 1842-55, includes passengers, ships' crew, vessel name, arrival date.   Then go to immigration!