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On Monday, we had a meeting with 2 Council Representatives (Pam and Julie), re new premises for the Club.  The only option at the moment, besides ‘joining’ the Council Library, is to take the offer of a couple of buildings at the Historical Village.

Another meeting with Council Representatives will be held in 2 weeks time.  The Old Fire Station will be a memory by Christmas 2010.  Work on the new Council building will start in June next year.

In the meantime, if you know of an available accessible building that would be suitable, please advise a Committee member.

It was decided at the meeting on Saturday that as we don’t get many members attending the Guest Speaker talks, that we would invite a number of people from different like-minded clubs to attend…i.e. Bribie Island, Woodford

Membership stands at approx. 110 at the moment.

The Cookie dough fund raiser has now closed, but as the dough had to be ordered in lots of 8, there will be a few spare ones for sale….so if you didn’t get around to ordering some and you would like some, please see office staff….thank you to everyone who participated in this ‘new’ fundraiser.

Not long now to Christmas, so donations of non-perishable goods can be left at the office for the Christmas Raffle.

Saturday 31st October at 1 pm…our guest speaker is Esma Rigby who will talk about the Finnish Road Constructors in Nth. Qld…..title may not sound interesting, but Esma is an extremely good speaker and you will enjoy this talk… come along….


Irish Roots magazine is now on FACEBOOK – more details at


Joanne, our Librarian needs some assistance with the project she is doing on the Mayors of Caboolture.


  1. Does anyone have a photo of the Council Chambers – the brick one that was in King Street, where the Memorial Hall is now
  2. Does anyone have a photo of the current Council building when it was first built – before the new building was built in front of it
  3. Does anyone have any photos from newspapers of previous mayors, especially Matthew Battersby, George Land Bury, Sid Clayton, James Fountain and Charles Hay.
  4. Does anyone have any information on past mayors, William Payne (1882-1893), John White (1994-1997) and John McNab (1898-1901).


Below is a survey option you may like to take part in…it has nothing to do with the Club.

Who are the Genealogists of Australia ?

Family history, since the advent of the Cook Bi-centennial in Australia , has changed from the interest of a select few to become one of the most popular pastimes of Australians. Yet in spite of the dramatic increase in membership of and numbers family history societies, the changes in library and archive practices and collections to meet the demands of those wanting to research their family history, and the vast numbers of subscribers to commercial family history websites, little is known about the interests, research practices and make up of Australian genealogists.

A survey of Australian genealogists has been launched to examine these questions as part of a master's research program at the University of New England - School of Humanities.

Entitled ‘Who Are the Genealogists of Australia' the survey asks genealogists about their motivations for beginning their research and why they continue to conduct their research. They are also asked about their research interests and how and where they conduct their research and why they make those choices. The survey also investigates their plans for the product of their research. Finally, genealogists are asked about their demographic characteristics.

In undertaking this survey, one substantial problem exists. That is, there is no census of Australian genealogists that enables a representative statistical sample to be easily taken. Genealogists practice their craft in many different ways and locations. Surveying them in any one place will not achieve the broad representation needed. Therefore, for a comprehensive result to be achieved it is important that as wide a range of participants as possible be obtained.

Your help in undertaking the survey will positively assist in developing the comprehensive picture aimed for in this research project.

The survey is open for participation until 30 November 2009, and can be found at:


Christine Yeats
Manager, Public Access
State Records NSW