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                                                                            14th October, 2006







PATRON: Greg Chippendale

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: David Jimmieson – President;

 Elaine Elms – Vice-President;

Janet O’Flaherty – Secretary; Helen Eaton – Treasurer

Joanne Beeston - Librarian


Phone No - 5428 2018

Email -



Welcome to our new Members – Neville & Heather Parmenter, Shona Ward, Harvey McGregor and Susan Castle


Welcome back – Brian Jones




28th October1 pm – Our talk this month is by our own Jeff Elms on HOW TO USE BROTHERS KEEPER FAMILY TREE PROGRAMME (the programme is free to download from or


Next meeting is Saturday, 11th November 2006 at 1 pm




The numbers attending the premises are improved of late.  We have some new members who seem to be enjoying the atmosphere at the club as well as their research. The lockers are being well patronized which is very pleasing.


Thanks go to those members who have volunteered their time to learn the ropes with respect to the duty roster.  This is most welcome.


It would appear that, barring anything untoward, the securing of the verandah may be done in the not too distant future thanks to our Patron Greg Chippendale.


Elaine and her helpers deserve a big pat on the back for their efforts in the production of her school reunion book and the resultant profit to the club.  Well done!


Thanks to Jack for his efforts in downloading and printing the multitude of records given to the club.


Is there something that your committee can do to make the club more attractive?  If so let one of your committee know.  If you are shy, please make use of the suggestion box as all suggestions will be addressed and the results notified.


Our “Open Day” on the 23rd of last month did not go as planned.  My big “X” for the year must go to the local media for its singular lack of response to our requests for the inclusion of advertising for this event.


Happy researching,







A BIG Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help out with library duty on a regular basis or on a ‘needs be’ basis.


However we are still in need of more members to volunteer for ‘duty’.  It is not hard – it is just a case of being there to assist new members and visitors.  Ideally we would like to have two duty persons per session.  At the moment, most days, we have just one person ‘on duty’.



Stories for the Hindsight can be submitted at any time for publication in upcoming issues.  Our magazine is sent to many other Genealogy Clubs throughout Australia.


Also don’t forget our birthday page in the Hindsight.  If you have a birthday coming up could you please submit your baby/toddler photo for inclusion in the next issue of Hindsight.


It has been suggested that we include a regular column in the Hindsight “Help Wanted”, where members who are having difficulty with their research may like to submit questions about certain aspects of their research.   So get your thinking caps on, and depending on what space is available in the magazine, your questions will be printed.  Remember, our magazine goes to other genealogy clubs all over Australia….someone, somewhere may just have that ‘missing’ piece of information that you are searching for.  Your name/details will not be printed in the magazine, your question will be allocated a number and a listing kept in the office, of who submitted which question.  Any replies will be via CFHRG email address or PO Box.  Your questions can be left at the office or can be emailed to me – Elaine - at or


See our first “Help Wanted” query below……..


If you can help with the following please quote REF H001 – and reply to CFHRG Inc. PO Box 837, Caboolture, 4510 or email


I am having difficulty with a section of my family tree, and I am seeking anyone who may be able to help out with some information.  My Grandmother was born Elizabeth Georgina Welch around 1865.  On her marriage certificate she claims she was born at Cleveland, Queensland.  Her father was James Welch and her mother was Annie Campbell.  Her father was a storekeeper at Cleveland.  A Mary Ann Welch was a witness to Elizabeth’s marriage to Alexander Montgomery on 22nd October, 1890.  A subsequent search has found births for a Rebecca Welch in 1852, Mary Ann Welch in 1854, Frederick Welch in 1859 and a Martha Welch in 1861 but no record has been found of a birth for Elizabeth Welch.  Elizabeth died on 29th August, 1921 and is buried at the Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane.  If anyone has any knowledge of this family I would be grateful.


Also next year (and it is not that far away), we would like to send a copy of Members Interests to the genealogy Clubs that we exchange journals with, when we send their Hindsight to them.  If each member could submit a maximum of 10 names, in the following (or similar) format, we will get this underway….thank you


and any other relevant information that you may think is necessary.

(Your lists can be left at the office.)




A great place to visit.  Friendly atmosphere.  Great stew made in camp ovens, and damper, BUT be warned….the flies are horrendous, and make eating your food a case of be quick, or have flies in your dinner.  Millmerran is 80km southwest of Toowoomba.  Total population of Millmerran is 1191 (except at Festival time) 


Eugene Murphy sends his best wishes to members of the Caboolture Family History Research Group, and is enjoying life in the town of Pittsworth.



Cnr. Beachmere & Bishop Roads, Beachmere, on their success in the 17th Official Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition 2006.

They won -

GOLD for their Plain Mince Pies

SILVER for their chunky steak pies

BRONZE for their chicken pies


Christmas is getting closer!!!

Donations for the Christmas Raffle can now be left in the library.

…thank you for your help with this major fund raiser.




Reminiscences of Samford Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 - $5.00 each


Australian Family Tree Connections magazine – this is available from the office.  We are sent 5 copies of this magazine every month, so if you purchase from newsagent, perhaps you would consider purchasing from the Club…any copies not sold are returned to the supplier…Cost is $5.95 a copy (same as the newsagent)





Riverina Cemeteries Version 2 – donated by Jack Piper CD

Atherton Pioneer Cemetery 1897-1927 CD


Courier Mail BDMs…..2004, May 2005-June 2006

Newcastle and Hunter Valley cemeteries

Roma Cemetery – Grave Memories

Central Qld. Pioneer Register

HMAS Warrego – donated by J. Beeston

Director of Irish Family History Research – donated by J. Jones

Citizens of Ipswich 1904 – donated by J. O’Brien

Children in Queens Orphanage, Hobart 1828-1863

11th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry Proceedings

Port Arthur Historic Site – notes – donated by R. English

By Many Campfires – donated by C. Aebersold

School days – a history of photographs 1850s to present day, England

Taking the Ferry & Sydney Harbour Bridge – donated by J. Piper

Narrative of the expedition to Botany Bay 1788 – donated by J. Piper

Air War against Japan 1943-1945 – donated by J. Piper

We’re off to see the Wizard, via Mungallala the Middle East, etc.

Yamba Yesterday 1885-2005

Australian Churches – donated by J. Beeston

History of Lamington National Park – donated by J. Beeston

An Australian in the First World War – donated by J. Beeston

Anzac Day 1997 – donated by J. Beeston

Readers Digest Illustrated Story of WWII – donated by J. Beeston




The following books are missing from the Library (after stocktaking has been completed).  If you have these books could you please return them to the library.  Don’t forget when you borrow a book; there must be a card in the back of the book for you to fill out (name and date borrowed).  The card is to be left on the desk of the office or given to the person on duty.  IF there is NO card, the book is not to be borrowed and must not leave the premises.


Story of Cornwall’s Churches – Ref. ENG STOR L1297W


Discoveries – Ref. GEN DISC L0784


Irish Information – Church Records, census, registration – Ref. IRE IRIS-6 L1491


Location of British Records WWI – Ref. MIL LOC L0281


Australia’s Third Fleet – Ref. CON AUS L1065


Second Fleet Convicts – Ref. CON SEC L1708


Norfolk Is. Convict List – Ref. CON NORF L0436


David Wright, Genealogy – Ref. ENG DAV L1669


St. Paul’s Cathedral – Ref. ENG SAIN TPA L1309W


N.Z. Expeditionary Force Reserve, Roll of Men - Ref. NZ MIL NEW L1094


Royal Navy in Peace and War – Gt. Britain – Ref. MIL ROY L1303W


Royal Navy Records for the Family Historian – Ref. MIL ROYA L0442


What’s in a Name – Entries in Janet Reakes column – Ref. QLD WHA L1602


Genealogical Society of Victoria 1981-1982 – Ref. VIC GENE L0016




Fund raising is essential to provide new resources for your research – if you find a useful resource for sale that may be of interest to members of the Club, please advise office staff….we do try to purchase items from different parts of Australia and the World in general.


Special Raffle - $1 a ticket – This raffle is for a hand carved wooden pedestal stand for 1st prize.  2nd prize is a pair of Royal Albert collectable plates….very beautiful prizes….drawn at the next meeting…..11th November.


Coffee Mugs – There are both ordinary CFHRG coffee mugs and 25th Anniversary coffee mugs for sale…..these are $5 each and come in three colours – blue, green and brown.


Recipe Books – The new book Recipes for All Occasions is now available – cost is $5 a book…there are only a few copies left.


The first edition Recipe Book (Members Favourite Recipes) is available again if anyone wants a copy…..$5.00 each



Laminating – This can be done at the office – Cost is $1 an A4 sheet.


Scribblers – NOW available in 3 sizes - 50c, 75c or $1.00 each



Great website….check it out

World War II enlistments – you can print out a certificate showing relevant details of enlistment, etc.

Free access to births, deaths and marriages in the United Kingdom. ….this is an ongoing project….check it out on a regular basis.

Tracing the women on your family tree – lots of hints on how to find them!

National Library of Australia

S.A. Deaths and burials – searchable index

Australian Photograph collection

Central Victorian Cemetery database