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13th September, 2008




Phone No - 5428 2018

Email -

Website -


Welcome to our new Members

 Katy Faithful, Lewis & Margaret Crosswell, Ivy & Keith Hunter


The brick wall session held on 23rd August, was well attended.


We do not have a guest speaker for September 27th, but as we have a number of newer members we will have a general talk on getting started and where to go next. This is open to all members, not just the new members. Come along and share your knowledge.


The CHOCOLATE DRIVE is going well. We have covered the purchase cost. There are no snakes or jubes left. We still have chocolates available for $1.00 each. Varieties include Crunchie, Cherry Ripe, and large Freddo Frogs. There are also $10 and $15 bags of chocolates available.


Do you have any order of service / memorial sheets for the library? Queensland especially but all other states are welcome. They can be photo-copied if you wish to keep the original.


Hindsight – Closing date for December Issue – 8th Nov. 2008. Elaine is still looking for submission of articles.


The next meeting is 11th October at 1 pm.


This meeting will include the special resolution to amend the Association’s Constitution, so all financial members are urged to attend.  

A Notice of General Meeting and information pack will be sent to all members shortly.


In Elaine’s absence I have listed the web addresses for some sites where vital records are available.

This is the site for Queensland Birth, Death & Marriages.

This is the site for New South Wales Birth, Death & Marriage searches.

This is the site for Victorian Birth, Death & Marriage searches.

This is the site for Australian War Memorial. Use “Research a Person” menu to search for military personal of Australian Defence Forces. This site has links to military records held by Aust. National Archives and Australian War Graves Commission.

This is the site for the State Library of Qld – Family History page.

This is the site for Qld State Archives.