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                                                                            9th September, 2006







Phone No - 5428 2018

Email -




Welcome to our new Members – Cheryl & Greg Bird, Lynne Dilkes and Janene Smith




OPEN DAY – Saturday 23rd September, 2006 from 9 am – 3 pm

(If you have an hour or two to spare, please volunteer your time to assist our visitors…thank you)


Next meeting is Saturday 14th October, 2006 at 1 pm




The last month has been a very quiet time in relation to attendance.  The numbers have fallen to a disturbing low.  Is there something that your committee can do to make the club more attractive?  If so let us know.  If you are shy, please make use of the suggestion box as all suggestions will be addressed and the results notified.


To date we have not heard anything from the mining company concerning the request for a donation towards the purchase of the New Zealand BDM’s.


The quotes for the securing of the verandah area of the club have been submitted to Council for approval and we are anticipating a positive response.


Congratulations to the winners in the Silver Circle draws and thank you, all persons who participated, for supporting your club.


Do not forget our “Open Day” on the 23rd of this month.  We are open to the public with a view to showing what we have that may assist them in any research.  We are not there to do research for them on the day.


Happy researching, David



GUEST SPEAKER – Desley Schafer

(By the librarian)


Our guest speaker in August was Desley Schafer, from QFHS, who gave our members a talk on how to keep your research records.  Desley gave us an insight into the many and varied methods she uses in her family history record keeping.  She had plenty of useful ideas for us on how to store our photos, certificates and general information for easy access.

Desley then went on to explain in some detail the two genealogical computer programmes she uses – namely Family Tree Maker and Personal Ancestral File.  Overall it was a very informative afternoon.  There are various information formats on A4 sheets available from the office at 20c a copy.



(By the Librarian)


The Land Girls – in a Man’s World 1939-1946, New Zealand by D. Bardsley.  This book is a real gem.  It has biographies of the New Zealand Land Girls during the Second World War along with photos and the girl’s stories; they also give you the girl’s maiden and married names.  Great book for those with New Zealand links.  Located in the N.Z. Section – Code REF N.Z. THE


Another interesting book that was given to our Library on LOAN ONLY by David Jimmieson is 150 years of the news from The Herald from 1840-1990, has a lot of general and shipping information.  Some details of Births, Deaths and Marriages - well worth looking at as a reference source.  Found in the Victoria Section – Code REF VIC ONE





Riverina Cemeteries Version 2 – donated by Jack Piper


Oysterers of Moreton Bay – donated by Jane O’Brien

Guyra Central School 100 years – donated by Jack Piper

Kennedy Family Group 1837, Scotland to Australia

N.Z. ships – Port Tauranga – Passenger lists – donated by Joanne Beeston

Carmachs Guide to Copyright and Contracts – general purchase

Land Girls in a Man’s World 1939-1946, N.Z. – donated by Joanne Beeston

Another Day, Another Dollar, working lives in Australia – donated by Joanne Beeston

History of Kallangur 1850-1950 – purchased from donated money

Glasshouse Mts. And Beerburrum Soldiers Settlement – donated by Ruth English

Gilbert, Samuel (convict) the Parramatta Baker 1788-1875 – donated by Jack Piper




DATE:  Wednesday 18th October, 2006 at 6.30 pm.

COST:  $4 per head – includes supper and booklet on the history of the graves

MEETING PLACE:  The Shed, Gympie Cemetery



Thank you to Jim Jenner for the donation of a Scanner and Monitor for the computer room.


Thank you also to Dawn and Ian for volunteering to do ‘library duty’.


Thank you to everyone who has donated prizes for the raffles.  There has been a terrific variety of items donated over the past year or so – something for everyone!!



Stories for the Hindsight can be submitted at any time for publication in upcoming issues of the magazine.  The magazine is sent to many other Genealogy Clubs throughout Australia.


Also don’t forget our birthday page in the Hindsight.  If your birthday is in September, October or November, PLEASE submit your baby/toddler photo for inclusion in the December Issue of our magazine… there were only two photos submitted for the September Issue.


It has been suggested that we include a regular column in the Hindsight “Help Wanted”, where members who are having difficulty with their research may like to submit questions about certain aspects of their research.   So get your thinking caps on, and depending on what space is available in the magazine, your questions will be printed.  Remember, our magazine goes to other genealogy clubs all over Australia….someone, somewhere may just have that ‘missing’ piece of information that you are searching for.  Your name/details will not be printed in the magazine, your question will be allocated a number and a listing kept in the office, of who submitted which question.  Any replies will be via CFHRG email address or PO Box.  Your questions can be left at the office or can be emailed to me at or 

See our first “Help Wanted” query below……..


If you can help with the following please quote REF H001 – and reply to CFHRG Inc. PO Box 837, Caboolture, 4510 or email


I am having difficulty with a section of my family tree, and I am seeking anyone who may be able to help out with some information.  My Grandmother was born Elizabeth Georgina Welch around 1865.  On her marriage certificate she claims she was born at Cleveland, Queensland.  Her father was James Welch and her mother was Annie Campbell.  Her father was a storekeeper at Cleveland.  A Mary Ann Welch was a witness to Elizabeth’s marriage to Alexander Montgomery on 22nd October, 1890.  A subsequent search has found births for a Rebecca Welch in 1852, Mary Ann Welch in 1854, Frederick Welch in 1859 and a Martha Welch in 1861 but no record has been found of a birth for Elizabeth Welch.  Elizabeth died on 29th August, 1921 and is buried at the Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane.  If anyone has any knowledge of this family I would be grateful.


Also next year (and it is not that far away), we would like to send a copy of Members Interests to the genealogy Clubs that we exchange journals with, when we send their Hindsight to them.  If each member could submit a maximum of 10 names, in the following (or similar) format, we will get this underway.

NAME/SURNAME…..DATE/TIME PERIOD…..TOWN /DISTRICT…..COUNTY/STATE …..COUNTRY and any other relevant information that you may think is necessary.

(Your lists can be left at the office.)


CORRECTION – September Hindsight

Cartridge World is now located at 25 Leda Boulevard (off William Berry Drive near Bob Jane) Morayfield….Phone No. 5499 3319

Email –

Website –


Thank you….Elaine (Editor)



We are in need of more members to volunteer for ‘duty’.  It is not hard – it is just a case of being there to assist new members and visitors.  Ideally we would like to have two duty persons per session.  At the moment, most days, we have just one person ‘on duty’.




Reminiscences of Samford Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 - $5.00 each


Australian Family Tree Connections magazine – this is available from the office.  We are sent 5 copies of this magazine every month, so if you purchase from newsagent, perhaps you would consider purchasing from the Club…any copies not sold are returned to the supplier…Cost is $5.95 a copy (same as the newsagent)



Fund raising is essential to provide new resources for your research – if you find a useful resource for sale that may be of interest to members of the Club, please advise office staff….we do try to purchase items from different parts of Australia and the World in general.


Raffle Tickets

$1 a ticket – There is a different raffle each month, with the draw being on meeting day.  Usually there are 2 or 3 prizes, sometimes 4.  All monies raised through raffles are used to buy resources for the use of Club members.  The raffle drawn today had the following prizes………

1st prize – Foot stool (Made and donated by Jack Piper)

2nd prize – Sizzlers Voucher

3rd prize – Sizzlers Voucher

(Vouchers kindly donated by Sizzlers)


Special Raffle

$1 a ticket – This raffle is for a hand carved wooden pedestal stand for 1st prize.  2nd prize is a pair of Royal Albert collectable plates….very beautiful prizes.


Coffee Mugs

There are both ordinary CFHRG coffee mugs and 25th Anniversary coffee mugs for sale…..these are $5 each and come in three colours – blue, green and brown.

 Recipe Books

The new book “Recipes for All Occasions” is now available – cost is $5 a book…there are only a few copies left.

The first edition Recipe Book is being reprinted shortly.


Silver Circle

The winner of the last draw was Chris Ryder. Thank you to all who participated in the Silver Circle.


This can be done at the office – Cost is $1 an A4 sheet.
Scribblers – 50c each



or email for enquiries on the cemetery

Black Sheep Index (You have to pay to get the full article but worth looking at) .There are other indexes available as well.

The Old Bailey London April 1674 to October 1834.

Immigration through Ellis Island to the USA


Canadian Immigration, Emigration & Naturalisation


Census of Canada 1911


Tasmanian Photos

(including cemeteries and memorials; Convict memorials; Churches’ New Norfolk; Ross (cemeteries and churches); Tasmanians buried in W.A.; Historic Tasmanian Photos; Lost and Found; etc…a very nice site


Don’t forget to check the LDS website –

More information is being continually added to this website….If you find a Pedigree Resource File referring to one of your relatives, take note of the disc number and come and check it out at the club.  There is usually more information on the CD and it is easier to access