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15th August 2008









Phone No - 5428 2018

Email -

Website -


Welcome to our new Members – Jim Hutton, Janette English and Susan Holden


Saturday 23rd August at 1 pm – You are invited to attend a “Brick Wall” discussion and Afternoon Tea.  So, if you have “hit the proverbial Brick wall” bring details along and discuss with other Club members, who may be able to give you some suggestions on how to solve the puzzle.  Even if you don’t have any problems, come along anyway, and meet with your fellow Club members and enjoy afternoon tea!


Next meeting – Saturday 13th September


Hindsight – Submission of articles

Closing date for December Issue – 8th November 2008

Thank you, Elaine




Chocolates are available for $1.00 each.  Varieties include Crunchie, Cherry Ripe, Large Freddo Frogs, Peppermint Frogs, Caramello Bears, Summer Rolls.

Snakes and Jubes are available for $2 a packet.

Also available are $10 bags or $15 bags of chocolates, which you may like to sell to friends and rellies…or maybe enjoy them yourself!


Websites for you to try……………….

Greville’s Post Office Directory


Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild


This is the web site for NARA (National Archives) - Excellent site!  They hold all Famine Immigrant records, too.  NARA - Genealogists/Family Historians - Immigration Records


London, Belfast & Edinburgh Gazette


Digger History




There is a selection of CDs to give away to anyone who would like them.  The CDs are on a variety of subjects.  See persons on duty.