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                                                                          11th August 2007









Phone - 5428 2018


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Welcome to our new Member – Sylvia Taylor


Next meeting is Saturday, 8th September 2007 at 1 pm


Saturday 25th August at 1 pm – Guest Speaker – Maisie Stratford – Talk on Palaeography for family historians.  Tips on how to read old English handwriting.  If you can, bring a fountain pen and any old documents with old writing that you may have.


NOTE: The club will be open during the Ekka, as per usual times.

Goodies – Slice and Lolly Drive

Money and orders for this are to be in by today – 11th August.   

Order forms are available from the office, if you want to make last minute purchases.




Well, here I am again after an absolutely wonderful holiday.


My thanks go to those individuals who so capably continued the operation of the club during my absence. I was going to thank the outgoing committee for their excellent performance over the past year and congratulate the incoming. However, as they are the same individuals, I offer my thanks and congratulations in advance for another great year.


It is with sadness that we advise of the death of one of our Club Members – Jim Jenner, passed away 31st July, aged 68 – our thoughts are with his family.


Our fundraising is once again in full swing with a “Slice and Lolly” drive under way.  Please support your club in raising funds for new research aids.  Though, by the time this report goes to air, the drive will be over.


We are considering applying for a grant from Jupiter’s Gaming Grants in order to purchase NZ BDM’s.


Happy researching, David




We are in need of more members to volunteer for ‘duty’.  It is not hard – it is just a case of being there to assist new members and visitors.  Ideally we would like to have two duty persons per session.  At the moment, most days, we have just one person ‘on duty’.  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help out with library duty on a regular basis or on a ‘needs be’ basis.



OPENING HOURS - PLEASE NOTE: The Club will be closed on Public Holidays due to lack of volunteers.  (If in doubt, please phone to check if Club Room is open)


While we make every effort to keep the Club open at the rostered times, a shortage of volunteers means we are unable to provide emergency cover for rostered volunteers who are unable to attend on their rostered days, due to other commitments.  Please understand if you arrive to find the Clubrooms closed because of a lack of a volunteer duty person. 


Also be aware, that if the rostered duty persons are the only members in attendance, at approx. 1pm on Mondays and Saturdays, the Club will close early.











Thank you to everyone who has submitted an article for the September issue of the Hindsight.  This is your Club magazine!  Take advantage of the fact that it is sent to other Genealogy/Family History Clubs around Australia…….write a story about your family; your trouble in locating that vital piece of information; your ‘brickwall.  You just never know….someone; somewhere might read your article and be able to help you.  Also as this is your Club magazine, it would be nice, if you found anything that may be of interest to other Club members, to submit it for inclusion in an upcoming edition and perhaps in doing so, help someone else with their research.


The monthly raffle will be drawn today at the meeting.  Thank you to all who support this venture.


Over the months, there has been a great variety of different items as prizes for the raffles.  These many and varied items, mainly, have been donated by Club members……so that ALL monies raised by the monthly raffles can be used to buy more resources to help you with your research.  Resources (i.e. CDs, books and microfiche) can be quite expensive!



South Australia now has transcribers for Birth, Deaths and Marriages (births 1842-1928, Deaths 1842-1967 & Marriages 1842-1937 only).  After these dates, certificates have to be obtained from the Government’s BDMs.  The cost is $11.00 per certificate and the S.A.G.H.S. is doing it.  Email at -


Gympie-Kandanga Cemetery – The Government is looking for relatives or friends, of those buried in the cemetery.  Once the Traveston Crossing Dam is completed, the cemetery will be flooded.  Contact Community Futures Task Force on 1800 133 258.



Coffee Mugs – these are $5 each and come in three colours – blue, green and brown.


Recipe Book (Members Favourite Recipes) is available again in limited numbers if anyone wants a copy…..$5.00 each


Scribblers – NOW available 75c each


Laminating – This can be done at the office – Cost is $1 an A4 sheet.



Websites for you to try –

Society of Genealogists, London

Convicts buried at Brighton General cemetery, N.S.W.

Queensland BDMs…..searchable

Click on “Notices”, then take your choice…births, deaths, marriages, etc.




First Fleeters – known descendants (donated by J. Piper)

Tench, Watkin 1758-1833 – Settlement at Port Jackson (donated by J. Piper)

Voyage of Gov. Phillip – Botany Bay and Convict List 1787 (donated by J. Piper)

Ihle, John Charles – Family History (donated by J. Crowley)

NSW Police Gazette 1893 – Index (donated by J. Piper)

Second to None – 32nd Battalion A.I.F. 1915-1919 S.A. (ON LOAN ONLY from M. Jamison)

Starter Kit for Students for Local and Family History projects


New cemetery lists –

Courier Mail obituaries 2006 & 2007

N.S.W. cemeteries Vol. 9 (donated by J. Piper)

Hobart’s early churchyards and other monuments – Congregational cemeteries.