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15TH July, 2008


Phone: 5428 2018




Welcome to our new member - John Kaeser


Our next monthly meeting will be held on Saturday 9th August, 2008.


We do not have a guest speaker for 26th July, 2008 if enough of you are interested we could have a brick wall session.  In the past these sessions have always been rather informative.



Don’t forget we are having a CHOCOLATE DRIVE in August, further information will be sent to regarding this event.



On behalf of all the Committee and members a big thank you must go to Maisie Stratford for donating the funds for the Club to purchase a laser multi-functional printer.  This gesture was very much appreciated.



Do you have any funeral order of service sheets/or memorial sheets for the library?  Queensland especially but sheets from all other States are most welcome.  They can be photo-copied if you wish to keep your original copy.



Some websites you might like to try……………….

This site provides ready access to more than 10 million records held by over 415 repositories across the UK – and you can search by personal name and place too.  Excellent transcripts of the records are often included.

This site helps you find out how prices have changed in this country.  You can ask to be given a modern day equivalent for a sum of money from 1901 to 2005.

This is a gateway site that offers access to thousands of useful sites around the world that are genealogy based.

I recently stumbled upon a wonderful site about the 5th Black Watch.  On the site, there is a link to the war memorials of many of the Angus parishes (Scottish).  The administrator of the site has done a lot of work taking pictures of headstones of pre-WW2 headstones. If any of you have Black Watch or Angus WW1 connections, I encourage you to have a look.

This site contains a database of 322,000 Australian place names extracted from the 2006 edition of Australasian Gazetteer.