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June 2009





Welcome to our new members Ross Duncan, Gregory & Patricia Jones and welcome back to Heather Willey




The AGM was held on Saturday 13th June, 2009


Your committee for 2009/2010 is as follows:


President - Elaine Elms


Vice President - Jane O'Brien


Secretary - Janet O'Flaherty


Treasurer - Helen Eaton


Librarian - Joanne Beeston


Membership Secretary - David Jimmieson


Librarian Assistants - Miriam Williamson and Jack Piper


Publications Officer - Elaine Elms


Fund Raising Officer - Helen Eaton


Publicity Officer - Joy Bailey


Web Page Administration - Chris Ryder


I.T. Officer - Jeff Elms


Liaison Officer - Gary Nugent


Programme Officer - Gary Nugent


Maintenance Officer - Phil Eaton


Research Officer - Rosemary Wallace


Greg Chippendale has accepted the position as Patron of our Club for another year.


Thank you to the outgoing committee for all the work, time and effort that you put into the club during the past year.


A donation is to be sent to the Marysville Historical Society in Victoria.....they lost everything in the horrific Black Friday fire.


There are approx. 80 financial members of the club at the present moment.


As all members of the committee will be unavailable on 2nd Saturday in August for the monthly meeting, it was decided at the June meeting that it will be on the 3rd Saturday (15th August)


Thank you to everyone who supported the recent Slice and Lolly Drive.