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11th June, 2005





Phone No - 5428  2018

Email - or



Welcome to our new Members – Margaret and Stuart Brown; Colleen and Barry McLean and Judy Ilsley.




Saturday 25th June 1-3pm - Police Museum – Guest speaker will tell us what resources they have available to help with our family research

Saturday 23rd July 1-3pm  – Maritime Museum – Lawrie Strange will give a talk on Brisbane River Ship/boat history, including World War I & II.

Next Meeting is at 1 pm Saturday, 9th July 2005


OFFICE BEARERS 2004 – 2005



Doug Cook

Vice President

David Jimmieson


Janet O’Flaherty


Helen Eaton


Joanne Beeston

Assistant Librarian

Jane O’Brien

Magazine Editor

Elaine Elms

Newsletter Editor

Elaine Elms

Magazine Committee

Coral Hapgood

Cemetery Records

Position Vacant

Publicity Officer

Coral Hapgood



As you read this, the 2005 AGM will be over or about to start. From the previous Management Team, we would like to thank all of our members for their support in the last year. We hope that you will treat the new team in the same way. You will notice that the ‘renovations’ to the bathroom have commenced (there has been a slight hiccup to the timetable, but after the time it has taken to get to this state, it won’t amount to very much).There will be a bit of work to be done when the bathroom is clear, but we will let you know when we will be able to hold a working bee.

We are very fortunate in having a membership base that combines loyalty with the will to jump in and help other members with their research problems. Without these members, the Club as we know it, wouldn’t operate very well. Don’t be afraid to say something if you feel you can contribute….your one piece of information could be all that some other member needs to kick-start their research again.

To the incoming management team, all the best for the ensuing year and we look forward to the continuance of the successful Club that we have.

Happy Researching




Doug – Every Saturday & Wednesday morning

David – Every Monday afternoon

Janet – Every Monday morning & 2nd Saturday morning

Elaine – Every Wednesday afternoon

Jane - 3rd & 4th Saturday morning

Pat V. – 2nd Wednesday morning

Coral – 2nd Wednesday afternoon

Trevor – 4th Wednesday afternoon

Gloria – 1st Saturday morning & 4th Monday morning

Glenys – Every Monday morning

Joanne – 4th Wednesday morning


We are in need of more members to volunteer for ‘duty’.  It is not hard - it is just a case of being there to assist new members and visitors.  Ideally we would like to have two duty persons per session.  At the moment, most days, we have just one person ‘on duty’.


Printer Ink Cartridges

Don’t try to get the last bit of ink out of the cartridge by shaking it, as this can cause damage to your cartridge, which is unrepairable, and therefore it will not be able to be refilled.

Have the cartridge refilled as soon as possible (within a week) as the cartridge cannot be stored for an indefinite period.  If you have to store the cartridge, wrap it in Glad Wrap or similar, then store it in the refrigerator until you can get it refilled.

Never leave the cartridge in your hot car, as this will cause the ink to expand and leak.

Always store colour cartridges upright, as if left on its side, the colours will cross contaminate.



There is a Raffle every month – Tickets are always $1.00 each.  All proceeds from these monthly raffles are used to buy resources. The money does not go into a building fund or general revenue, it is used strictly for purchasing resources….ask at the office for tickets.  Thank you to everyone who has supported these raffles….the results have been very pleasing…lots of new CDs, microfiche, etc


MAY RAFFLE – A set of 6 ceramic mugs, sugar bowl and milk jug – made by Danny O’Brien – donated by Jane O’Brien

There will be a 2nd and 3rd prize of an orchid (donated by Joyce Carr).  To be drawn at the A.G.M.


JUNE RAFFLE – To be advised


Tickets are continually on sale for monthly raffles….you’ve got to be in it, to win it…..If you look in the library, you will see that over the last 6 or so months that the raffles have been run, an enormous amount of resources has been bought with the proceeds of the raffles.


GROUP SHEET BOOKLETS……For Sale - $5.00 each

We have produced a number of these booklets, as a fund raiser, to help you ‘keep track of your families’ while doing your family tree research……Available from the Office.


Scribble Pads for sale – 50c each

PLEASE REMEMBER our 25th Anniversary Hindsight – get your stories in as soon as possible…..let’s make this a really special edition of our magazine….thank you to the members who have already submitted their stories and photos….email me at



Always work backwards from the known (yourself) to the unknown (forebears)

Never believe everything on a birth, death of marriage certificate

Never completely trust the spelling of surnames, place names, etc.

Always check surname variants when researching

Always have at least two separate sources of proof for each event

Remember that everything is only speculation until verified.

Always photocopy certificates and important documents and leave the originals in a safe place.

Never carry original documents around with you.

Join at least one Family History Group, Genealogical Society or Historical Society.

Share your information and documentation (copies only) with other researchers.


(Reprinted from Australian Family Tree Connections – April 2005)

(Some of the) New Additions to our library resources


Queensland Cemetery books that were purchased with donations from Club members have also arrived.  They will be available in the library shortly.  To all who donated for the purchase of these books “Thank you”


New Journals –

Descendants of Convicts

Orange Family History


Cemeteries –

Berrina Dist. Cemetery transcriptions

Courier Mail Obituarites – Jan. 2004 – March 2004

                                April 2004 – June 2004

Tweed Valley Cemeteries Vol.1 to 6 – A to Z – donated by J. Piper

Glossary of Cemetery Emblems and Symbols



Brief History of Parramatta School – donated by J.Piper

Building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – donated by J. Piper

Images of Historic Morpeth – donated by J. Piper

History of NSW 1728-1977 – complete list of names of First Fleet Convicts – donated by M. Johnson

DublinColour Street Atlas and Guide

Australia’s Fighting Sons 1914-1918 Index

Journal of the Aust. Naval Institute Autumn 2005 – donated by J.Beeston

Naval Historical Review Vol.25 No.1 – donated by J.Beeston

Second Fleet list from Daily Sun 20.7.1987 (newspaper)

Ship “Glamorganshire” Maryborough 2.5.1874

Moreton Bay Letters by P. Ludlow – donated by J.Piper

Maryborough & District Licensed Publicans 1860-1924, Vol.1. & 1924-1970 Vol.2.

Black Diamond Line of Colliers – donated by D. Simpson

Batlow and District in pictures- donated by D. Simpson

Ships that serve New Zealand – donated by D. Robinson


 by Joanne Beeston (Librarian)


MORETON BAY LETTERS is a fascinating book about the people of Moreton Bay by P. Ludlow, donated by Jack Piper.  It is a book with a lot of oral history, interviews conducted around the bay from 1986 until March 2003, from Aboriginal history, Pioneer and Modern Day Pioneers.  It has an index which includes people and vessels of the area, along with photos.  It gives the reader another perspective on the Bay’s history.  Found in the Queensland section – Code: REF QLD MOR-7


Another interesting book to add to our Shipping Section is called THE SHIPS THAT SERVE NEW ZEALAND-BRITISH AND EUROPEAN LINES by I.G. Stewart and was donated by Don Robinson.  It gives you background history of each company which engages in the United Kingdom, Continental and New Zealand trade.

As New Zealand is almost wholly dependent on shipping, this book provides information on the ships that are not well known.  It has individual histories, describing the career of the ship, how long it served.  It has information of fleet lists that each company owned.  There are 150 colour/black and white photos of ships.  Some of these ships even carried some passengers.  Well worth reading.  Found in the Shipping Section – Code: REF SHI SHI PST-2


Something that will be a great purchase for the club, is the ship voyages that came into Maryborough.  There were 22,000 immigrants from countries such as England, Scotland, Ireland and Germany.  Each ship’s voyage is now available in book form from the Maryborough Dist.Family Hist. Soc.  The years are 1863 to 1890 at a cost of $8.00 per book.

There will be a list for members who are interested in purchasing and then donating a book to the Club.  You will be able to have the book for 2 weeks, before it goes into the library.  Your name will be recorded in the book as the one who donated it.

There are approx. 52 voyages.  They do have a lot of information in them, and a copy of the “Glamorganshire 1874” voyage is in the library if members wish to have a look at the type of book that is available.


Thank you, Joanne


Internet Addresses for you to try

If you discover an interesting genealogy website while you are surfing the net, please email the web address to me for inclusion in an upcoming newsletter….thank you, Elaine (


The email addresses given below have not been checked to see if they are still available….I do not have the time to check them all.

Great Irish site

Worth checking out.  Quite a few cemeteries are listed including Moggill Hist. Cemetery; Mt.Walker Pioneer & Hist. Cemetery, Boonah Shire; Mutdapilly Cemetery, Boonah Shire; St.Alban Liberal Cath. Church columbarium wall, Spring Hill; St. Thomas Anglican memorial plaques, Toowong; etc.

Search whatever Australia – Shipping and other info available

Lost lives in World War II – civilians, police, missionaries, miners and military.

Military service Pay records


The BBC's History web pages:

They have a section on Family History:

which includes a beginner's guide:

and other areas like "WWII People's War"

Although there are lots of books about the WWII, the Beeb has collected and posted stories from individuals. You can search for stories mentioning specific places or just read first hand accounts,

e.g.a child evacuated to the countryside. Good background reading