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We will be compiling a "Handy Book", to which you may add your favourite recipes, handy hints, sewing & gardening tips, genealogy hints/tips (keep your stories for our special December anniversary Hindsight), etc.  Please email the above to the club or leave at the Office.  Items for this book will need to be submitted either by email (to or brought into the office.  This will be our fundraiser for August.  If we get enough to fill the book, the books will be sold for $5 a copy.  Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.                   


Also we are looking for your family stories to print a special 30th Anniversary Hindsight   (for those of you who were members back in 2005, when we did our 25th Anniversary Hindsight, with the silver cover, you will know how popular this was.  We want to do something similar for this issue.) These will need to be received by the Club no later than August 31st to allow for formatting, printing, etc.  Either bring into the office or email to  If you have photos to go with your stories please submit them as well.  This 30th Anniversary Hindsight, will be in place of our regular December Hindsight, and will be available FREE to our Club members.


Slice Drive - Orders with money are to be at the office by Saturday 8th May (which is our meeting day).....Orders will be available for collection Wednesday 26th May after 10am.


Please do not forget that membership fees are due and payable by 31st April. We look forward to seeing those of you who have not yet renewed. Hopefully the coming year will be an exciting one for researching your family.


Happy researching,