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12th April 2008



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Welcome to our new Members – Sheree McCallum, Mary King, Marie & Howard Smith, Janice Todd and Delphine Power

Welcome back – Val Mundt


Next meeting will be Saturday 10th May 2008

Extra birth, death & Marriage certificates (Victoria) 

Home page of the Mid Gippsland Family History Society


Victorian MIs.....


A fantastic site for anyone interested in pubs, or with ancestors who owned or worked in public houses in Gloucestershire.  Lots of information, anything you want to know and photos as well.  A large site, only scratched the surface.


Is it time for you to take a major step within the Group? At our next AGM (June 2008) our President David, will not be seeking re-election.  It is also possible that others may also step down.  Although we could probably twist a few arms to accept positions on the Management Committee, we would prefer to have members come forward to take on some of these tasks. 


They are not life-threatening or require a seven-days-a-week commitment.  We don’t anticipate major changes, but some new faces would be great, and would also inject some new thinking into the management of the Club.  There is plenty of expertise within the Group to assist anyone who would be interested in any of the management or non-management positions.


The Club can only function with a good team at the helm.  Apart from Management, this also means the volunteers who come in to help whenever the Club is open.  From experience, this means that you will probably get a lot of your own research done, but will also broaden your own knowledge of family history research.  Until you feel confident enough, you would never be left alone.  You don’t need to be an expert, just a keen amateur.


Please give a little thought about how you may be able to help.  This doesn’t only mean ‘older’ members, but also those who are relatively ‘new’.  There are members who have “been there, done that” who would be only too happy to talk to you about the Group, the future, and how you may be able to assist.


When we compare ourselves with other Societies, we are very fortunate to have the facilities and back-up that we have now.  This has come with the dedication of relatively few members who have the interests of the Club at heart.


We are not on ‘bended knee’ but would like you to give some serious thought about the Group’s future and how you may fit in.


GUEST SPEAKER – Saturday 19th April at 1 pm – Glenys Parton, Manager of Cemeteries, City Hamilton, New Zealand.


The Club will be closed Friday 25th April and Saturday 26th April