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14th April 2007


of the


Phone No - 5428 2018

Email -

Website -


Welcome to our new Members - John Lehmann, David & Janis Kelly


The Club will be closed for Anzac Day (Wednesday 25th April); and


Labour Day Weekend (Saturday 5th & Monday 7th May)


Next meeting is Saturday, 12th May 2007 at 1 pm




AGM will be held on Saturday 16th June 2007 at 1 pm



Office Bearers for 2006/2007


President                      Vice President             Secretary

David Jimmieson                   Elaine Elms                Janet O’Flaherty

Treasurer                Librarian

Helen Eaton           Joanne Beeston

Newsletter Editor – Elaine Elms

PATRON: Greg Chippendale



Here it is about twelve months from our last break in and we are finally getting some results in relation to the security of the rear verandah. Fabrication of the panels is under way.


Those of you who visit the club premises will have noticed that we now have some new office chairs for both the fiche reader and computer rooms. We have managed to get 19 chairs and another filing cabinet (to replace the one damaged in break-ins) for a cost less than that of two new office chairs. Thanks to Jeff, Elaine and Joyce for their time and effort.


We may have to source another set of lockers as some had to be doubled up recently due to improved attendance.


We have also been fortunate to have vinyl flooring available in sufficient quantity to do the fiche room, Library and hallway. Thanks Phil.


We will have a "working bee" at some time in the future to lay the new flooring. There will undoubtedly be a painting spree about the same time. This will certainly spruce up the old place.


We seem to have trouble getting sales from our "Sale Table" on those occasions when it is on. Advertising in the local press does not seem to have any effect on either public or members. While on the subject of advertising, thanks must go to Joy Bailey for her efforts and excellent results in getting articles included in the local media.


Happy researching,





Week 4: Betty Roberts   Week 5: Club

Week 6: Mary Jamison    Week 7: Mary Jamison

Week 8: Club            Week 9: Club




Don’t forget the Help Wanted Section in the Hindsight…..Your name/details will not be printed in the magazine, your question will be allocated a number and a listing kept in the office, of who submitted which question. Any replies will be via CFHRG email address or PO Box. Your questions can be left at the office or can be emailed to me at or


As the magazine is sent to approximately 45 other Genealogy Clubs throughout Australia it is a great idea to get a story or question into your Hindsight magazine as you never know who may read the article and be able to help you.


Also we are continually in need of stories to put in the magazine…these can be interesting items you have found, stories about your research or your family. You just never know who will have that ‘missing piece’ of information….You may or may not have noticed the item about the Coleyville cemetery that I put in the March 2007 Hindsight. A few days after the Hindsight had been mailed out, I received a phone call, from of all people, my mother-in-law who is a member of one of the Historical groups we exchange magazines with….."Did I know that Coleyville was connected with Aunt Flo? Philomen being her ancestor." NO, I didn’t know, but now that I do, I have another place to look for information on Aunt Flo, who has been very elusive!


Elaine (Editor - Hindsight)



We are in need of more members to volunteer for ‘duty’. It is not hard – it is just a case of being there to assist new members and visitors. Ideally we would like to have two duty persons per session. At the moment, most days, we have just one person ‘on duty’. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help out with library duty on a regular basis or on a ‘needs be’ basis.




OPENING HOURS - PLEASE NOTE: The Club will be closed on Public Holidays due to lack of volunteers. i.e. Labour Day, the Queens birthday long weekend, etc. (if in doubt, please phone)
While we make every effort to open the Club at the rostered times, a shortage of volunteers means we are unable to provide emergency cover for roster volunteers who are unable to attend on their rostered days, due to other commitments. Please understand if you arrive to find the Clubrooms unattended.
Also be aware, that if the rostered duty persons are the only members in attendance, at approx. 1pm on Mondays and Saturdays, the Club will close early.


Guest Speaker – Marie Thompson (From the LDS at Burpengary)
by Joanne Beeston


Last month our guest speaker, Marie, gave us a talk on what resources can be obtained at the LDS and how to use the Family Research Website.
She gave examples from her own experience in tracing her tree, and that the resources are there for you to check…..You just have to know where to look, and not to expect to find everything all at once. (One of the items she stressed that you should look at is The Locality Guide…..this will tell you what is available for each area).
Marie gave the Club an updated print out of what resources are available at their Library. It is located in our library, REF QLD BURP.


RAFFLE – a water cooler has been made and donated by Danny O’Brien and we have decided to raffle it over the coming months. Tickets are $1 each and the winner will be drawn at the A.G.M.


The monthly raffle will be drawn today at the meeting. Thank you to all who support this venture, as all monies raised by the monthly raffles is used to buy more resources for you to use in your research.


If you have research in the Chinchilla area, you may be able to get assistance from the Chinchilla Museum (part of the Historical Village). The lady who runs the museum is only there on Thursday. Phone Number is 4662 7104


NEW DVDs – Pedigree Resource File No. 126


NEW Cemetery Books


German headstones of Australia – donated by Jack Piper

S.A. cemeteries – various cemetery printouts

Caboolture Cemetery – early history and maps

Roma Cemetery – Grave memories Vol. 2

Roma cemetery – Grave register 1861 to 2002

Chinchilla Cemeteries – Pioneer, Chinchilla and Tanderra Lawn Cemetery


NEW Books


Roma St.Pauls Church of England Baptisms 1874-1922

Chinchilla centenary 1878-1978 – Souvenir book – donated by J. Beeston

Australia Post – PMG – various photos – donated by J. Piper

History of Left Hand branch at Mt. Sylvia, Gatton

Guilty or Not Guilty – Brisbane area – 1847-1850




Coffee Mugs – these are $5 each and come in three colours – blue, green and brown.


Recipe Book (Members Favourite Recipes) is available again in limited numbers if anyone wants a copy…..$5.00 each


Scribblers – NOW available in 3 sizes - 50c, 75c or $1.00 each


Laminating – This can be done at the office – Cost is $1 an A4 sheet.



Oxfordshire Archdeacon's Marriage Bond Index

This also has Hearth Tax records for some parishes.

A great site for any one with dockland ancestors, covers quite a few parishes in London, Kent, Surrey. Also links for watermen and others, easy site to get around with lots of information. A printout of a particular name from a parish, either 1 or 50+ costs the same. Excellent value.

Searchable database….1000s of names….a lot of them from around the Gympie area

This web site contains collections of photographs and historical information for parish churches and graves in the Counties of Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Shropshire and Gloucestershire.

Also has some transcriptions.

 The Gardens Family History (Tasmania) – has some interesting items


Victorian Wills on Line –