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8th April, 2006






Phone No - 5428 2018

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Welcome to our new Members – Don Nielsen, Anne & James Williamson, and Miriam Williamson




OPEN DAY – Saturday 29th April – volunteers will be required to show visitors around the premises…if you can spare an hour or two if would be greatly appreciated….thank you


Next meeting is Saturday 13th May, 2006 at 1 pm

NOTE: THE CLUB ROOMS WILL BE CLOSED OVER EASTER - Good Friday 14th April, Saturday 15th April and Monday 17th April.


NOTE: THE A.G.M. WILL BE HELD ON SATURDAY 17th JUNE, at 1 pm..........followed by general meeting 





As you all probably know, our premises were again subjected to a break in and robbery last month sometime between Saturday and opening on the Monday morning.


The damage this time was minimal.  They gained access through the window in the toilet.  Fortunately the monetary loss this time was limited to less than thirty odd dollars. On a brighter note, the damage to the premises has already been rectified thanks to Phil Eaton for the supply of material and Ian Brady for manufacture and installation of security grills.


Although attendance was low, those who did attend thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by Hilda McLean of “Friends of Toowong Cemetery” fame. She once again proved to be a most entertaining personality.


Once again, I encourage all members to support your club through the fundraising enterprises as this allows us to purchase new research materials. Note that the Easter Raffle is in progress and will be drawn in April. We also have a beautiful Italian marble topped stand supplied by Jack Piper and two highly desirable collectable plates donated by Carmen Aebersold. These prizes will be drawn in November to celebrate another anniversary of the club.  Tickets are on sale now. Now more than ever, we need your support.


If anyone has some time to spare, please consider being a volunteer in the office.  If you do, please see any of the duty persons or your committee members.


Do not forget that the Anniversary Hindsight is available and that if you require extra copies, see the rostered duty person.  There are also anniversary mugs available.

Happy researching, David




David Jimmieson

Vice President

Elaine Elms


Janet O’Flaherty


Helen Eaton


Joanne Beeston

Assistant Librarians

Jane O’Brien, Chris Ryder & Glenys Gordon

Publications Editor (Hindsight & Newsletter)

Elaine Elms

Webpage Co-ordinator

Chris Ryder

Cemetery Records

Julie Saunders

Publicity Officer






Doug C. – Every Wednesday morning & 2nd Saturday morning

David – Every Monday afternoon, every Friday morning, & 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Saturday morning

Janet – Every Monday morning & 2nd Saturday morning

Elaine – Every Wednesday afternoon

Jackie – Every Monday afternoon (Thank you Jackie for volunteering to join the Library Duty Roster)

Jane – 3rd & 4th Saturday morning

Pat V. – 2nd Wednesday morning

Coral – 2nd Wednesday afternoon

Trevor – 4th Wednesday afternoon

Gloria – 1st Saturday morning & 4th Monday morning

Glenys – Every Monday morning

Joanne – Every Friday morning & 1st, 3rd & 4th Saturday morning

Doug S. – 1st & 3rd Friday morning


We are in need of more members to volunteer for ‘duty’.  It is not hard – it is just a case of being there to assist new members and visitors.  Ideally we would like to have two duty persons per session.  At the moment, most days, we have just one person ‘on duty’.



(BBC2 English Programme)

If you want to watch episodes of this very interesting family history programme, the videos are available for members to borrow…please enquire at the office.


Payment of Membership Dues – Upon request details can be supplied to enable you to pay via Direct Deposit.  Or you can pay by cheque.  If paying by cash, please assist by bringing the correct money if you can, as there is only a small amount of cash/change held on the premises, due to the two break-ins.



Monthly raffles …Tickets $1.00 each


Don’t forget when you buy your raffle ticket/tickets you can nominate your preferred item for purchase. 


The Raffle for May is a Mothers Day Raffle.  1st prize is a ladies handbag, 2nd prize is a necklace and a pair of earrings, 3rd prize is a selection of lavender products and 4th prize is a “Desperate Housewives” apron (donated by EzyDVD)


EASTER be drawn on 8th April at the meeting.  Good luck to all who have purchased tickets.


Fund raising is an essential part of Club business, to enable us to purchase more resources to assist you in your research.  Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts.  Don’t forget if you ‘find’ a resource that would be a welcome addition to our library, please let office staff know. 


Thank you to the Caboolture Sports Club for their donation of $220 to enable us to purchase the Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park Index and Register.



We have been given some very beautiful items for the Monthly raffles and it has been decided to use two of these items in a special raffle.  Prizes are a carved wooden pedestal stand (donated by Jack Piper) and two Royal Albert Collector Plates, one with Prince Charles and the other with the late Princess Diana (donated by Carmen Aebersold).  This raffle will be drawn at the Club on 11th November, 2006.  Tickets are $1 each and are available from the office.




Don’t forget to get your recipes in for the new book/books.  There is no limit to how many recipes you can submit, but once the book is full, it is full.  We have to limit the number of pages to approx. 80 or it becomes unmanageable for us to produce.  Leftover recipes will be kept for the ‘next one’. 


COFFEE MUGS – Our 25th Anniversary Coffee Mugs are for sale.  $8.00 each and all money raised goes to the Club.  They are available in blue, green and brown. 


HINDSIGHT – More stories are required for upcoming issues of our magazine.  The magazine is sent to many other Genealogy Clubs throughout Australia. 



BDM news – As from 3rd October 2005, Queensland State Archives will no longer stock the pre 1890 Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates.  All BDMs will be held by the Registrar General’s Office from that date.


The State Archives are now open on the 2nd Saturday of each month.



Yes it is census year again for Australia.  Don’t forget to ‘tick the box’ for the census to be ‘saved’.


Laminating - $1.00 per A4 sheet (see office staff)



(Some of the) New Additions to our library resources



NZ passenger lists – Pt. Lyttelton & Pt. Otago (donated by Jack Piper)

Thargomindah Cemetery to 1986

Woodford State School, Victoria – 150 years (donated by Maureen Hall)

Seeds of Settlement – Building and Inhabitants – Belfast & Pt. Fairy (donated by Maureen Hall)

Australian Naval Institutes – Summer 2006-04-03 Botany Bay Mirages – Illusions of Australia’s Convict Beginnings (donated by Stuart & Bev Davis)

Convicts and Exiles transported from Ireland 1791-1820 (donated by Stuart & Bev Davis)

Australia’s Navy 2005



Devon Family History Society (donated by Jeanette Raymont)

Waverley & South Head General cemeteries – transcripts (donated by Jack Piper)

Biographical Index of S.A. 1836-1885 (donated by Doug Simpson)

Manly Cemetery transcripts 1845-1993 (donated by Jack Piper)

Tasmanian Convicts (donated by Bev and Stuart Davis)

The Mercury, Tasmania 1854-1930 – Births, deaths and marriages



Emigrants from Hamburg to Australia 1879


If you want to give a copy of your Family tree to the Club, you are most welcome, or alternatively, maybe you would like to give just a surname list (along with State/Country) from your family tree to the Club.  This could/would be viewed by other Club members.  You just never know to whom you may be related!


BOOK REVIEWS by Joanne Beeston (Librarian)


WOODFORD STATE SCHOOL (IN VICTORIA) – It is well set out with a lot of history documentation, along with some great photos (donated by Maureen Hall).  The school celebrated 150 years in 2004. This is a very interesting book even if you don’t have relatives from this particular area.

Found in Vic Section – Ref. Code: REF VIC WOO


SEEDS OF A SETTLEMENT – Buildings and inhabitants of Belfast & Pt. Fairy in the 19th Century, by M.A. Syme (donated by Maureen Hall).  This is a great book with a lot of individual family history with photos of the family and their houses. 

Found in Vic Section – Ref. Code: REF VIC SEE



(By J. Beeston)


This talk was mainly about reading and identifying areas on a Death Certificate, where to find the extra information and also on the layout and the history of the Toowong Cemetery, given by HILDA McLEAN, of The Friends of Toowong Cemetery.


Toowong is an unusual cemetery in that where people were buried, when the cemetery first started, was by Social Status, and not in Religious groups as most cemeteries are.


The first cemetery for Brisbane was E.McCormick Place, Skew St. North Quay, mainly convicts were buried there, 2nd Cemetery was the Paddington Cemetery, now under Suncorp Stadium and the 3rd was Toowong, which was officially opened on 3.7.1875 but had been used since 6.7.1861.


On the 1st Sunday of every month, there are tours of the Toowong Cemetery.  Start - 10.30 am at the front gate.  On the 7th May, it will be a special day, as other cemetery groups will be attending and there will be a talk about the styles of headstones in various areas.


It was a very interesting talk and enjoyed immensely by all who attended.


Proposed Australia-wide Family History Index database

Family history researcher Roma Waldron is in the process of establishing an Australia-wide Family History Index database. She invites interested researchers to contact her with contributions to the database. The database has the following fields: SURNAME, NAME, BORN, PLACE, ARRIVED, SHIPS NAME, DIED, PLACE DIED, PLACE BURIED, FATHERS SURNAME, FATHERS NAME, MOTHERS SURNAME, MOTHERS NAME, SPOUSE 1 SURNAME, SPOUSE 1 NAME, DATE, PLACE, SPOUSE 2 SURNAME, SPOUSE 2 NAME, DATE, PLACE.

There is a sample available for viewing in the office.



War memorial information

A very interesting site…tells you how many days, hours, etc. till your next birthday.,4945,40-1-3384-9,00.html

Update from the L.D.S.

The Black Sheep Index on this site is very interesting. Prices are a bit costly to get the full article but it depends on how much you want the information. There are also other Indexes here. Well worth looking at.


Interesting story of bushrangers, etc by Roma Waldron

Tips and hints on how to send attachments, Gedcom files, etc.