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9th April, 2005






Phone No - 5428  2018

Email -


Welcome to our new Member –   Lawrence Crathern




Saturday, 30th April – Open Day (Volunteers required to help out on the day)

Next Meeting is at 1 pm Saturday, 14th May, 2005


OFFICE BEARERS 2004 – 2005



Doug Cook

Vice President

David Jimmieson


Janet O’Flaherty


Helen Eaton


Joanne Beeston

Assistant Librarian

Jane O’Brien

Magazine Editor

Elaine Elms

Newsletter Editor

Elaine Elms

Magazine Committee

Coral Hapgood

Cemetery Records

Position Vacant

Publicity Officer

Coral Hapgood





After what seems like an eternity, we could be very close to achieving our goal of converting the bathroom into the office, thus freeing up the computer room for what it should be for.

We are continuing to enlarge our research material, both text, fiche and electronic.  All of these resources cost money, and even though we have (or appear to have) plenty in the kitty, it won’t last long.  My point is that although fundraising always tends to be in Management’s hands, it would be nice to have a little bit of help.  We would like to spread the load, even if you don’t want to be actually involved.  You may have some brilliant ideas for raising money.  Come and talk to me, or any of team.

While we are on about spreading the load, don’t forget we are only a couple of months away from our A.G.M.  Even if you are not interested in the Executive, there are other positions available.  One that springs to mind immediately is that of Programme Officer.  There are probably people out there, you would all like to have come to the Club and talk to us, but without some input we don’t have any idea of your requirements.

The Club can only be as strong as its membership, so if you can spare a little bit of time, please do.  Anyone wanting to help would get all the support Management can give.

Finally, a gentle reminder, our financial year ends at the end of this month, so our annual fees are due.  If you are still unfinancial at the end of May, you won’t be able to take part in any voting or other programmes.

Happy researching



THANK YOU – Many thanks to Jane, Joanne and Glenys for assembling, stapling and folding the March issue of the Hindsight.  Your help was very much appreciated…….Elaine.



Doug – Every Saturday & Wednesday morning

David – Every Monday afternoon

Janet – Every Monday morning & 2nd Saturday morning

Elaine – Every Wednesday afternoon

Jane - 3rd & 4th Saturday morning

Pat V. – 2nd Wednesday morning

Coral – 2nd Wednesday afternoon

Trevor – 4th Wednesday afternoon

Gloria – 1st Saturday morning & 4th Monday morning

Glenys – Every Monday morning

Joanne – 4th Wednesday morning


We are in need of more members to volunteer for ‘duty’.  It is not hard - it is just a case of being there to assist new members and visitors.  Ideally we would like to have two duty persons per session.  At the moment, most days, we have just one person ‘on duty’.


David Penberthy 2nd visit on 19th March, 2005

Again this talk was very well attended, with David explaining how to research at the National Archives in Kew.  The main thing, before going there to do research, is to do your ‘homework’ so that you don’t waste time once there. (which is probably true of any archive/library that you visit)

The amount of information held by the National Archives is phenomenal /mind boggling to say the least.


Stephanie Ryan’s visit on 26th March, 2005

This was a very informative talk about the various resources that the State Library of Qld. holds and where to find them.  The talk was mainly related to shipping and various information sheets were given out.  (The information sheets are also in our Library)  It was an afternoon enjoyed by all members who attended the talk.

Shipping into Qld ports 1848-1884




There is a Raffle every month – Tickets are always $1.00 each.  All proceeds from these monthly raffles are used to buy resources.  (A list of which resources it is proposed to purchase from the current raffle is on the notice board). The money does not go into a building fund or general revenue; it is used strictly for purchasing resources….ask at the office for tickets.  Thank you to everyone who has supported these raffles….the results have been very pleasing…lots of new CDs, microfiche, etc


The MARCH RAFFLE is for a years membership at CFHGR Inc.  There will also be a second prize….will be drawn at the April meeting


The APRIL RAFFLE will be for a hand crochet table centre piece (made and donated by Grace Cronin)…2nd Prize – Pair of towels The winners will be drawn at the May meeting.


Tickets are continually on sale for monthly raffles.


GROUP SHEET BOOKLETS……For Sale - $5.00 each

We have produced a number of these booklets, as a fund raiser, to help you ‘keep track of your families’ while doing your family tree research……Available from the Office.




The 7 Prizes were won by –

Don Robinson, Helen Eaton, Jane O’Brien, Mrs.Lakes, Mary Jamison x 2 and Sally Faulkner

Thank you to everyone who supported the Easter Raffle.



PLEASE REMEMBER our 25th Anniversary Hindsight – get your stories in as soon as possible…..let’s make this a really special edition of our magazine….thank you to the members who have already submitted their stories.


Thank you for Donations (from the librarian)

Thank you to Darryl Hanlon for donating a two-drawer microfiche cabinet.  If any one has any more of these drawers that they do not want, we would be grateful for them.

Thank you also to Jeanette Raymont for the extra Devon journals for 2004.

Thank you also to everyone else who has donated books for the library….they are too numerous to list in this newsletter.


Visit to Caloundra Family History Research Group – by Jane O'Brien


On Saturday the 2nd April, Joanne, Glenys and myself attended a seminar at the Caloundra Family History Research Group.  The Seminar was conducted by Dr Jennifer Harrison - her first topic was convict research in Australia and the amount of information available is quite amazing- I tried to get as much of written down as possible so will type it up and put it on the notice board.

Then there was a short presentation by Mr Alan Phillips from Archive CD Books Australia - and for those doing Irish research they have just signed up and will be copying Irish books that are kept in libraries etc so I think that is excellent - having a large Irish ancestry.

We then had a break for afternoon tea - which was very enjoyable.

Part two of Jennifer's talk was organising your records - which I found amazing - just to put it into practice now. I also tried to get as much info down and will type up my notes on that topic too.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon and I think our club would benefit very much from a seminar by Dr Harrison.




Walking through the McLeod St. Pioneer Cemetery, Cairns – Donated by Jane O’Brien

Books of W.A. cemeteries – 24 volumes – donated by Jack Piper

Edwards Crossing; Laverton General; Leonora General; Massey-Wall burials, Lawn & Old section; Harrismith, Kelmscott, Kendeneys, etc

British Regiments 1660-1751 – donated by Joanne Beeston

Units of the Royal Aust. Force, Vol.5 Radar Units – donated by Jack Piper

Militia & Volunteers of English, Scottish, Welsh & Irish – donated by Joanne Beeston

Readers Digest Great World Atlas – donated by John Crowley

Genealogy Dictionary – donated by J & E Elms

English Occupations – donated by J & E Elms

NSW, Qld. & S.A. Road maps – donated by John Crowley

Deserters – Military and Naval as settlers 1800-1865 – donated by Janet O’Flaherty



By Joanne Beeston (CFHRG Inc. Librarian)


A very interesting book called “Walking through the McLeod Street, Pioneer Cemetery, Cairns by M. Nemee and donated by Jane O’Brien.  It has a selection of biographies of surnames in alphabetical order of people buried under standing tombstones, and has a brief history of the cemetery as well.  Found in the Queensland cemeteries section.  Ref. Code: CEM QLD CAI-6


An Index of British Regiments known by Colonel’s names from 1600-1751 is a print out and should help resolve the confusion about names before the numbering of regiments in 1751, donated by Joanne Beeston.  Included in the list is information of the regiments called “The Buffs” and “The Green Howards”.

It has quite a few sites you can access within the print outs, that will give you more details as these sites would have taken too much to download.  Found in the Military section.  Ref. Code: REF MIL BRIT


Units of the Royal Australian Air Force, a concise History, Vol.5 Radar Units.  One of a collection of 10 volumes and produced by the RAAF Historical Section on the various units over its 75 year history.

A very interesting book with a lot of information and photos of the various radar stations, and where they were stationed.  Donated by Jack Piper, it is found in the Military Section.  Ref. Code: REF MIL UNIT


The Royal Regiment of Artillery, United Kingdom, is a collection of print outs donated by Joanne Beeston, and has an index of the various Artillery units, their names and the date of commencement and the areas they were stationed in.

There are other sites you can access, on various units and how to find about individuals who served.  The book has only basic information sites, as it was too much to download each individual unit.  Found in the Military Section.  Ref. Code: REF MIL ROY ALR




Internet Addresses for you to try

If you discover an interesting genealogy website while you are surfing the net, please email the web address to me for inclusion in an upcoming newsletter….thank you, Elaine (

The email addresses given below have not been checked to see if they are still available….I do not have the time to check them all.

Lilydale cemetery

Abney Park Cemetery London

Australian Funerals Online

Baedeker's Old Guide Books

Bristol's Lost Pubs

If you go to the Thompson Gale site at: during National Library Week (April 10th to April 16th) they are offering free, unlimited access to 30 databases including the Times Digital Archive.  For a list of all 30 freebies go to the site and click on the National Library Week banner.

Decisions of the Nineteenth Century Tasmanian Superior Courts

Paddington Cemetery Queensland

Many of the Limerick trades directories are on line at   "Limerick City Trades Register 1769-1925"

At this site type in 'convicts' for the photo search and take a look at the amazing pictures.

Western Australia Welcome Wall