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9th March 2008





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Welcome to our new Members – Shirley Moorfield, Patricia Broad, Maureen & John Shea, Kerri Bray & Jeanette Sharman,

Robin & Jillian Holland and Beverley Holyer.


Next meeting will be Saturday 12th April 2008


We will be holding an open day on the 15th March from 9am – 1pm.  If you have some spare time, drop in and see us.


DON’T FORGET that the Club Rooms will be closed over the Easter period (i.e. Friday 21st March, Saturday 22nd March and Monday 24th March).



USA records - Missouri State - Birth & Death Records database pre 1910.  From this site there is a link to search the death database 1910-1956.


This is the home page of the State of Missouri, USA online resources and databases.  Births and Deaths as the above link plus many more interesting ones such as the Coroner's Inquest Database and the Naturalisation database 1816-1955.


Another American site........You might check Castle Gardens - this was America's first official immigration centre, this before the opening of Ellis Island.  There is a searchable database at  covering the period 1820 to 1913.


From The National Library of Scotland.  There is a search feature and categories such as accidents, murders and executions that appeared in newspapers.  Never know who you might find here.


Ashford, Kent, UK - An index that includes the details of all known births, marriages (including those by licence) and burials in Ashford of known persons, and also of those recorded in other parishes, but described as of ASHFORD, from the late sixteenth century until the late nineteenth century.

A Names Index with details of owners and occupiers of premises from 1773 to 1926 extracted from a Manor Rental and other Documents.  or just type into Google - "Ashford Kent Research".


Derbyshire, UK - If you have ancestors in Derbyshire this is an excellent site with loads of information.  Births, deaths, marriages as well as Wills, Apprenticeships and much, much more.