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February 2008





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WELCOME BACK EVERYONE….HERE’S TO ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR OF RESEARCH…..Check out all the new resources in the Library, Computer Room and Microfiche Room.



Welcome to our new Members – William Roberts, Dr. Jan King, Brian Roberts, Brian & Virginia Nicholas and Lynette Nicol


Welcome back – Don and Melva Buckle


The Raffle for the restored Dressing Table and Stool (kindly donated by Jack Piper) will be drawn today.  2nd prize is a “Coffee Table” Atlas (kindly donated by Janet O’Flaherty).  Tickets are still available and are $1.00 each.


Due to lack of patronage and reduction in opening hours, any new volunteers will only be required to ‘be on duty’ one day a month.

WW1 records etc


The Nambour Chronicle has put its first 50 years from 1903 on the internet.  if anyone is interested.  You have to register, but it is free to look. 


The Sunshine Coast Daily is also on line at

(includes the Bowna cemetery list, First Fleet List, 2nd Fleet and 3rd Fleet, etc) ...interesting site


Don’t forget to check back regularly at the Brisbane City Council Cemetery website.  It is updated on a regular basis.  While searching this site last month, I came across burials dated October 2007.

(click on “Find Out about….Cemeteries” from the listing on right hand side of page…..then go to “Grave Location Search”, then “Search our Cemetery Records to find grave location details”)


Check back regularly on the LDS site as well….new information is continually being added…..


A good website for Gloucestershire, very interesting even if no family connections. i.e. for manslaughter they were 'burnt on the hand'. Prison or hanging for murder. Lots of children burnt to death with clothes catching fire, lots of drownings.


Very large file of Gloucestershire Inquests, (the names, helpfully all capitalised).  This site is from 'patsymac's genealogy page' and she has quite a bit of New Zealand info and links on there also, including Passenger lists.


Fund raising is a necessity.  This is the only way that we can keep on acquiring new resources to help you with your research.  If you have any ideas on fundraising, please let us know.  In the meantime, we will continue with the Monthly Raffles.  All money raised by the Monthly Raffles is spent on resources.