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                                                                      11th February, 2006







Phone No - 5428  2018

Email -




Welcome to our new Members – Howard Hodgson, Stuart & Beverley Davis, and Lyn Smith




Guest Speakers

Saturday 25th February (1pm) – Lawrie Strange – Shipwrecks off the Queensland Coast

Saturday 25th March (1pm) – Hilda McLean – Friends of Toowong Cemetery

(All members are welcome to attend, and may bring one guest)


Next meeting is Saturday 11th March at 1 pm



Yes it is census year again for Australia.  Don’t forget to ‘tick the box’ for the census to be ‘saved’.






It’s incredible to believe, but a month and a half of the year has gone by already.  I hope that you had a great festive season and are now ready to tackle the family research again.           


The office is progressing steadily, although apparently not rapidly enough for some.  The unfortunate aspect of reliance upon volunteer labour and the acquisition of suitable furnishings is that it does tend to dictate the pace.


I hope that this year will proceed as fluently as has the past year.  The club has presented some incredible functions and fundraisers in that period.  This has been due to the efforts of the members of my committee.  I encourage all members to support your club through the fundraising enterprises as this enables the acquisition of new research materials.       


If anyone has some time to spare, please consider being a volunteer in the office.  This is not a complex task and can be most enjoyable.  Give it some thought, as all are welcome.       


Do not forget that the Anniversary Hindsight is available and that if you require extra copies, see the rostered duty person.  There are also anniversary mugs available.


Happy researching,






David Jimmieson

Vice President

Elaine Elms


Janet O’Flaherty


Helen Eaton


Joanne Beeston

Assistant Librarians

Jane O’Brien, Chris Ryder & Glenys Gordon

Publications Editor (Hindsight & Newsletter)

Elaine Elms

Webpage Co-ordinator

Chris Ryder

Cemetery Records

Julie Saunders

Publicity Officer







Doug C. – Every Wednesday morning & 2nd Saturday morning

David – Every Monday afternoon, every Friday morning, & 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Saturday morning

Janet – Every Monday morning & 2nd Saturday morning

Elaine – Every Wednesday afternoon

Jane - 3rd & 4th Saturday morning

Pat V. – 2nd Wednesday morning

Coral – 2nd Wednesday afternoon

Trevor – 4th Wednesday afternoon

Gloria – 1st Saturday morning & 4th Monday morning

Glenys – Every Monday morning

Joanne – Every Friday morning &1st, 3rd & 4th Saturday morning

Doug S. – 1st & 3rd Friday morning


We are in need of more members to volunteer for ‘duty’.  It is not hard - it is just a case of being there to assist new members and visitors.  Ideally we would like to have two duty persons per session.  At the moment, most days, we have just one person ‘on duty’.



(BBC2 English Programme)

If you want to watch episodes of this very interesting family history programme, the videos are available for members to borrow, please enquire at the office.



We now exchange magazines with the Genealogical Society Gladstone District Inc - check out the magazines from other clubs; there are some very interesting articles in them.




The Monthly raffles have now started.  Tickets are $1.00 each and the prizes will be drawn at the March meeting.



Don’t forget when you buy your raffle ticket/tickets you can nominate your preferred item for purchase.


1st prize has been donated by the Good Guys – it is a backpack with picnic set, rug, etc.

2nd prize is a horse key rack donated by Janet

3rd prize is a small teddy bear and an Anniversary mug.


List of items up for selection is –

1. SOUTH AUSTRALIA Pre-Civil Registration Deaths CD ($25)

2. QLD Atherton Pioneer Cemetery CD ($20)

3. TAS………….

4. N.S.W. Manly Cemetery 1845-1993 CD ($39.95)

5. Hamburg Shipping 1879 microfiche ($9.10)


The most popular item on the “Raffle List” was the Convict Death Index.  On checking with the author of this CD, it has been discovered that this Index forms part of The Port Jackson Anthology CD, which is already in our library - check it out.


EASTER RAFFLE – Donations of Easter type products would be greatly appreciated for this Fundraiser - donations can be left in the library - to be drawn on 8th April.


Thank you for your support in our fundraising efforts...with your continued support, the Club will acquire many more resources to help you in your quest.  Don’t forget if you ‘find’ a resource that would be a welcome addition to our library, please let office staff know. 




Don’t forget to get your recipes in for the new book/books.  There is no limit to how many recipes you can submit, but once the book is full, it is full.  We have to limit the number of pages to approx. 80 or it becomes unmanageable for us to produce.  Leftover recipes will be kept for the ‘next one’.  The book will be ready for sale mid November, all going well.  In time for Christmas.  Thank you to all who purchased our first recipe book.  Over 125 have been sold at last count!


COFFEE MUGS – Our 25th Anniversary Coffee Mugs are for sale.  $8.00 each and all money raised goes to the Club.  They are available in blue, green and brown. 


HINDSIGHT – More stories are required for upcoming issues of our magazine.  The magazine is sent to many other Genealogy Clubs throughout Australia. 





Laminating - $1.00 per A4 sheet (see office staff)


(Some of the) New Additions to our library resources

(There are too many to list all of the new additions!!)


New additions this month are mainly shipping information, most of which has been donated by Jack Piper.


Irish Convicts to NSW 1791-1831 (20 volumes)

(This consists of passenger lists, etc)

Donegal Relief Fund (Ships to Sydney from Ireland)

Passenger Lists to Tasmania 1826-1887

Bounty Immigration Scheme – passenger lists, etc. 1837-1853

Highland & Ireland Immigration Society of Scotland (passenger lists)


Woman’s Weekly 20th Century in pictures – donated by Janet O’Flaherty

Don’t forget to check out the Courier Mail Obituaries – 2005.

These have photos of the deceased person, along with a story that gives quite a lot of information about the person - well worth looking at.



BDM news As from 3rd October 2005, Queensland State Archives will no longer stock the pre 1890 Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates.  All BDMs will be held by the Registrar General’s Office from that date.


The State Archives are now open on the 2nd Saturday of each month.



BOOK REVIEWS by Joanne Beeston (Librarian)


And it was not easy! By G. Stack (donated by D. Jimmieson).

 About George Stack and his life style of wandering through North Queensland, outback Queensland and the Northern Territory.  It is about the people he met through his work as a cane cutter, stock worker, scrub feller, cutter of cordwood and mining.  A good reference book with many families mentioned.  Located in the Qld Section, Ref Code – REF QLD AND


Memerambi Moments, the History and School of Memerambi and Corndale Districts by Dr. J. Grimes (donated by J. O’Brien).

Has a lot of families with photos and covers the dates from 1905-2005 for Memerambi and 1912-1959 for Corndale.  A great reference book.  Found in the Qld Section, Ref Code REF QLD MEM


Destination Mundubbera, a factual biography containing family profiles of Mundubbera identities to 1951 by Shire of Mundubbera (donated by J. O’Brien). 

This book is very well done with family history and photos.  A very good reference book for those who have relatives from that area.  Found in the Qld Section, Ref Code REF QLD DEST



Thank you to Helen for her assistance with the printing of the extra copies of the 25th Anniversary Hindsight and the Recipe Book….and also to Jane for her continued assistance with the books (stitching and binding and of course, the silver covers)


Internet Addresses for you to try

Search for unclaimed monies

Genealogy calculator – calculates from 1583 to present
Harrogate People and Places - Massive collection of family personal notices extracted from the
Harrogate newspapers from 1847 onwards.  Also thousands of Wills from the Harrogate area.
The London Burial Grounds - Complete list of all burial grounds, past and present, in
London England with descriptions, photographs, documents


Immigration Stories: Passenger & Shipping Lists
This is a great site, with lots of information about Victorian London. From descriptions of people and places to clothing and fashions, you can find out lots and lots about the way your ancestors lived on this site. This is the place to go if your ancestors came from
London in the Victorian age.


Winchester Cemetery Carnamah Western Australia

Gives listing and photo of headstone if available  A valuable source of information on Industrial/Reformatory Schools and the like in England and Wales in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Lots of information and lists.

Good searchable index with quite a lot of info – Burdekin Shire