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Caboolture Family History Research Group Inc.


AUS Australia
BEL Belgium
BRD Bundes-republik Deutschland (see also GER)
BRS Belarus (Belorussia)
C Croatia
CAN Canada
CH Switzerland (Schweiz)
CS Czechoslovakia (see also CZ and SL)
CZ Czech Republic
DDR East Germany (Deutsche Democratic Republic) (see also GER)
DEN Denmark
ENG England
ESP Spain (España, Espangne)
FIN Finland
FLI Liechtenstein
FRA France
FRG Federal Republic of Germany (see also BRD and GER)
GDR German Democratic Republic (see also DDR and GER)
GER [Old] German Empire
GR Greece (Hellas)
HU Hungary
IND India
IOM Isle of Man
IRL Ireland
ITL Italy
LUX Luxembourg (Land)
MEX Mexico
NCA New Caledonia (Nouvelle Calédonie)
NL Netherlands (Pays-Bas)
NOR Norway
NZ New Zealand
OES Austria (Osterreich)
PNG Papua New Guinea
POL Poland
PT Portugal
RO Romania
RSA Republic of South Africa
SCT Scotland
SL Slovakia
SLO Slovenia
SU Soviet Union (USSR)
SW Sweden (Suede)
UK United Kingdom (see also ENG, SCT, IRL, WLS & IOM)
UKR Ukraine
USA United States of America
WLS Wales (Pays de Galles)
YU Yugoslavia

Continental Europe
Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, UK and USA